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  学习,除了往常的背诵记忆之外,还要多做练习!那么,究竟要怎样有效的去做题呢?跟着学习啦小编一起来做份初二下册英语Unit 1单元测试题,希望对各位有帮助!

  Ⅴ. 单项选择(每小题1分, 共15分)


  ( )21. No one can help you all the time. You should be ______ control of your life.

  A. for

  B. at

  C. on

  D. in

  ( )22. I was eating in the dining hall when I ______ the news that Li Na said good-bye to her fans.

  A. hear

  B. heard

  C. am hearing

  D. was hearing

  ( )23. Linda was unlucky. She cut ______ on some broken glass.

  A. myself

  B. yourself

  C. herself

  D. himself

  ( )24. Tom, put the keys on the table ______ I can remember to take them with me when I go out.

  A. as long as

  B. unless

  C. so that

  D. because

  ( )25. The boy didn’t get an education so he has problems ______ a job.

  A. to find

  B. finding

  C. find

  D. found

  ( )26. After dinner, Dale’s father is used to ______ on the bed for a rest.

  A. lie

  B. lying

  C. risk

  D. risking

  ( )27. I found myself in a difficult ______. I must do something to get out of it.

  A. competition

  B. discussion

  C. prediction

  D. situation

  ( )28. One of his fingers was ______ in the accident.

  A. made up

  B. taken on

  C. put up

  D. cut off

  ( )29. If you eat all that chocolate in a day, it’ll make you ______.

  A. sick

  B. hungry

  C. tired

  D. creative

  ( )30. A dictionary tells you what words ______.

  A. wonder

  B. choose

  C. mean

  D. solve

  ( )31. On my way home, I saw more than 100 women ______ in the square.

  A. to dance

  B. are dancing

  C. to dancing

  D. dancing

  ( )32. —Why does Sue look upset?

  —She went to the bookstore by bus but she ______ the bus at the wrong stop.

  A. got off

  B. got up

  C. turned off

  D. turned up

  ( )33. You ______ drink and drive. It’s too dangerous.

  A. should

  B. shouldn’t

  C. need

  D. needn’t

  ( )34. The climber hurt himself ______ the mountain.

  A. climb B. to climb

  C. climbing D. climbed

  ( )35. —Alice, my head feels hot now.


  A. Not at all

  B. You should go to a doctor

  C. I’m sorry

  D. You shouldn’t tell it to your mother

  Ⅵ. 完形填空(每小题1分,共10分)


  Do you know who played the role of Superman in the film Superman? He was Christopher Reeve, a(n) 36 , and he was famous for his performance in the movie.

  Like Superman, Christopher Reeve was afraid of nothing. He was good at flying planes, riding horses and many other activities. But 37 changed (改变) in 1995. When riding a horse, he fell and 38 himself badly. The doctors thought it was 39 for him to live long. Reeve even thought of 40 his life to end everything. 41 , when he thought of his family, he knew he couldn’t. From then on, he began to 42 for his life.

  At the end of 1995, he left hospital. Soon after that, he felt he was ready to face the world again. He wanted to tell people no matter 43 problems they had, they shouldn’t give up. He began to make speeches, and they helped lots of people 44 body problems.

  He also went back to work and made his first film, In the Gloaming. Although he lost control of his body, he still had his 45 and his dream. He was, and would always be Superman!

  ( )36. A. expert B. actor

  C. reporter D. visitor

  ( )37. A. something B. anything

  C. everything D. nothing

  ( )38. A. hurt B. lost

  C. turned D. sent

  ( )39. A. available B. serious

  C. difficult D. useful

  ( )40. A. looking up B. coming up

  C. making up D. giving up

  ( )41. A. However B. Certainly

  C. Hardly D. Again

  ( )42. A. look B. fight

  C. serve D. wait

  ( )43. A. when B. which

  C. that D. what

  ( )44. A. in B. for

  C. with D. of

  ( )45. A. reason B. culture

  C. trouble D. spirit

  Ⅶ. 情景交际(每小题1分,共5分)


  A: Hi, Ken. You don’t look very good. (46)______

  B: I have a cold.

  A: Why don’t you go home?

  B: I can’t. (47)______ But I don’t feel well.

  A: Talk to Carol. She will understand.

  B: OK. (48)______

  A: Feel better soon!

  (In Carol ‘s office)

  B: Hi, Carol. Can I ask for leave (请假)?

  C: What’s wrong, Ken? (49)______

  B: No. But I have a sore throat.

  C: (50)______ You can go home.

  B: Thanks, Carol. But I’m sorry I can’t finish the work today.

  C: Don’t worry about your work. Go home and get better!

  A. Do you have a sore throat?

  B. I have too much work to do.

  C. Should I take some medicine?

  D. You probably have a cold.

  E. What’s the matter with you?

  F. I will go to her office now.

  G. Do you have a fever?

  Ⅷ. 阅读理解(每小题2分,共20分)


  One cold Sunday, Mariko and her dad we安徽去哪里治疗癫痫效果好re walking to the store.

  “I’m tired of winter,” said Mariko.

  Dad waved (挥手) at their neighbor. “I know Mr. Hill hopes spring will come too.”

  Mr. Hill was sitting and enjoying the sun in his garden (花园). He waved, and Mariko waved back.

  “Mr. Hill loves his garden,” said Mariko. Mr. Hill had the most beautiful spring flower garden. It was full of daffodils (黄水仙).

  Dad said, “Yes, he does. And because he is old, it is hard for him to go outside in winter.”

  At the store, Mariko helped Dad choose milk, bread and carrots.

  “You may choose something for yourself, Mariko,” said Dad.

  At first Mariko thought apples would taste good. But then something else caught her eye, “Oh, Dad, look, daffodils!”

  “Is that something you want?” asked Dad.

  “Yes!” Mariko said happily.

  Mariko couldn’t stop looking at her daffodils all the way home. But when she got to Mr. Hill’s house, she stopped, “Maybe I could ...”

  “Wait here, Dad, please,” she said. “I’ll be right back.”

  Mariko ran to Mr. Hill and gave him the daffodils.

  “What a wonderful winter surprise!” said Mr. Hill. “You have brought me spring!”


  ( )51. What did Mariko and her father do on Sunday?

  A. They did some shopping.

  B. They worked in the garden.

  C. They visited their neighbors.

  D. They helped Mr. Hill pick flowers.

  ( )52. What did Mariko and her father NOT bring home?

  A. Apples.

  B. Carrots.

  C. Milk.

  D. Bread.

  ( )53. Mariko chose daffodils probably because ______.

  A. they were colorful

  B. her mother liked them

  C. her garden needed new flowers

  D. the flowers made her think of spring

  ( )54. From the story, we know that Mariko ______.

  A. disliked shopping

  B. liked daffodils best

  C. was popular with her neighbors

  D. was kind and thought of others

  ( )55. What is the best title of the story?

  A. A shopping day

  B. A winter surprise

  C. Beautiful flowers

  D. Spring and winter


  When a person is hurt or suddenly (突然) becomes ill, people give him immediate (立即的) care. We call it first aid. (56)______ Immediate action is necessary when someone loses lots of blood or when breathing stopped for a short time.

  Everyone should know something about how to care for a person with a sudden illness. Even a small injury (损伤) can be very dangerous. (57)______

  When first aiders face a sudden situation, they must be able to keep calm (镇静的) and organize other people to help. He or she must know how to control blood and take care of injuri癫痫病大发作都有什么症状es. (58)______

  In our country, hundreds of people die in traffic accidents every year because most people don’t have first aid information. (59)______ We may face a sudden situation anywhere. One day somebody from our family may get hurt or suddenly become ill. (60)______


  A. If more people know about first aid, more lives could be saved.

  B. If we don’t want to be helpless in such a situation, we have to know first aid.

  C. When there is a sudden situation, time is very important, so first aid plays a very important role.

  D. Knowing how to move the injured without causing (引起) more injuries is also very important.

  E. And it may result in death, so everyone should know something about first aid.

  Ⅸ. 词汇运用(每小题1分,共10分)

  A) 根据句意及所给首字母提示,补全句中所缺单词。

  61. Leo has a t . I advised him to see a dentist.

  62. The bus stopped to let the p off.

  63. People in the western countries often eat with k and forks.

  64. The bag of rice weighs about 50 k .

  65. His daughter is a n . Her job is to look after the sick.

  B) 根据句意,用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。

  66. We have to make a ________(decide) about where to go on vacation.

  67. His ________(foot) are too big. We don’t have the right size of shoes for him.

  68. Parents should tell children the ________(important) of doing the housework.

  69. Flora has a ________(stomach), so she doesn’t want to eat anything.

  70. All of us are surprised at the ________(die) of the man because he is too young.

  Ⅹ. 完成句子(每小题2分,共10分)


  71. 这辆小跑了10英里就没汽油了。

  The car ____________ petrol after ten miles.

  72. 使我惊讶的是,我爸爸同意让我玩。

  ____________, my father agreed to let me play computer games.

  73. 你应该现在量一下体温。

  You should ____________ now.

  74. 哪怕是个有的者也能陷入困境。

  Even an experienced climber can ____________.

  75. 人不冒险不富。

  You can’t get rich without ____________.

  Ⅺ. 综合填空(每小题1分,共10分)


  arrive, fun, which, question, much, feel, after, rest, little, visit, hungry, find

  A 12-year-old boy got lost on the subway after going out alone (独自) on Sunday. His parents saw him and took him home (76)________ eight hours.

  The boy, surnamed (姓) Luo, came from Anhui. He came to Shanghai to (77)________ his parents during the summer holiday. Although his parents were happy to see him, they spent (78)________ time with him. They were busy at work and had to leave him at home alone. Luo did his homework for hours and (79)________ bored, so he went out to play on the subway. He had (80)________ getting on t中国最权威的癫痫医院he subway and getting off it over and over again.

  Hours went by. Luo felt tired and (81)________, and he wanted to go home. But he didn’t know at (82)________ station he should get off. The police (83)________ him crying at about 8:00 p.m. and took him to their office. They bought him something to eat and asked him some (84)________. Luo’s parents called the police right away when they couldn’t find their son after (85)________ home. They got to the police office and took their son home at about 10:00 p.m.

  Ⅻ. 书面表达(15分)


  Dear Susan,



  Zhang Jun

  Ⅴ. 21-25 DBCCB 26-30 BDDAC 31-35 DABCB

  Ⅵ. 36-40 BCACD 41-45 ABDCD

  Ⅶ. 46-50 EBFGD

  Ⅷ. 51-55 AADDB 56-60 CEDAB

  Ⅸ. 61. toothache 62. passengers 63. knives

  64. kilos 65. nurse 66. decision 67. feet

  68. importance 69. stomachache 70. death

  Ⅹ. 71. ran out of 72. To my surprise

  73. take your temperature 74. get into trouble

  75. taking risks

  Ⅺ. 76. after 77. visit 78. little 79. felt 80. fun

  81. hungry 82. which 83. found 84. questions

  85. arriving

  Ⅻ. One possible version:

  Dear Susan,

  I’m sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well. You are new here, so you may feel lonely. I think you should make some Chinese friends. Also, you shouldn’t study too late in the evening. It’s bad for your health. If you have problems, you can ask your teachers or classmates for help. They’re friendly. What’s more, you should take exercise. You said you had a cold. If so, you should go to see a doctor in time. I hope you feel better soon.


  Zhang Jun

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